About Us

Events should cascade life to people. A bit more it cascades the original idea

Much more it engages the memories & cascade lasting impressions to people

That’s why we are-Cascade Events.

about Cascade Events

At cascade, we live events

We understand your business model, the industry you operate & will help you to physically propagate the competitive advantage through the visual platforms. We build ideas on themes which can relate to your business objectives. At cascade events, we truly believe that every client is unique and so is every event. So we would like to introduce us as actualizers. Whether you would like to do a product launch or an exhibition, seminar, networking event, at first what we do is to map the industry you are into along with the demographics of your audience.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our foundation is based on innov-eering. A team of innovators with foundation on engineering. We have AV engineers to 3D Artists, Brand Specialist to Project Managers, Interior designers to Landscaping specialists, and Social media evangelist to Programmers and guess what, technology enthusiast to professional MC’s. We ensure that the pilot designs are well researched & designed to make it plagiarism free so that we can create a unique experience for our partner. Our R & D team develops and constantly upgrades the recent trends in the event management and planning industry and last but not the least; we achieve long-term results within the framework of your overall budget.

Our Vision


Cascade Vision

To create innovative solutions for our clients which can translate brand & product values to delightful customer experiences.

Our Mission

Why Cascade?

  • Large repository of international designs & themes to cater your quick requirements.

  • International standard proprietary tools which include standard running sheets, checklists, procedures and policies.

  • Executive Membership in Event Planners Association & Design studio network which brings latest trends & technology in exhibitions & events.

  • Advanced marketing techniques to add value beyond pure event management and to make sure our events really stand out.

  • Certified Project Managers & Logistic planners with solid industry experience.

  • Large network of vendors & suppliers which benefit the customers in terms of competitive pricing & improvised ROI.